A Simple Truth

I turned 31 last week: I have made the full crossover into my 30s. Hard to believe!

Sweets from my sweet mom Photo credit: nishaksquared
Sweets from my sweet mom
Photo credit: nishaksquared

My birthday arrived and left like a very polite guest: kindly, quietly and without too much fanfare. I gave myself permission to work only half a day and to spend the rest of it doing what I like…and catching up on some rest.

I enjoyed a shatteringly large and delicious pasta lunch with my brother — quality time that’s a true rarity these days given our busy schedules. I had a long overdue, hours-long phone chat with one of my dearest friends. I enjoyed some sweets in the evening with my mom.

And as I watched the sunset from the balcony and missed my hubby (who was away on business), I thought about how my idea of a “good time” really boils down to something so simple: love, love, love.

I was never a big party girl, nor am I very big on asking for presents. When I was a kid, my parents always made me feel special on my birthday, like a little princess. They gave me gifts, yes, but looking back, I realize that what I treasured most was how they made me feel.

As I grew up, I liked to make an “event” out of my birthday. It was less about me, and more about group dinners with close friends. Lots of food, drink, cake, laughter and maybe some karaoke.

And since I met my hubby six (!) years ago, he has always gone out of his way to make me feel special on my birthday. He showers me with my favorite things and makes sure I know how much I mean to him.

The tie that binds these evolving birthday experiences? Love, love, love.

So last week, even though most of my loved ones aren’t here in NYC, I reminded myself that no matter what, all of them are in my heart. The fact that there are people, who support me, cheer me on, think about me, listen to me, understand me, guide me and love me unconditionally, makes me supremely blessed.

And that simple truth makes me very grateful for all that I have experienced, everything I have and for the best that’s to come.


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