The Next Big Adventure

If you’ve seen Despicable Me, you’ll get the reference 😉

For months now, I have alluded to figuring out my next big adventure, and finally — after much soul-searching, discussing and big gulps of air — I’ve taken the plunge and decided to launch my own business! 

I am providing digital communications strategy, content creation and editorial services to small businesses, social enterprises, non-profits and individuals.

It was a long road that lead me to take this leap, but what I have realized is that I have been fortunate to do the kind of work I love these past few years. I have come into contact with so many interesting, smart people who are trying to make an impact, be it in their own lives, their communities or the great big world out there. And I think I have a unique POV, insight, expertise and passion to help these people make greater impact.

I’m very excited to carve out this niche for myself. I’m in the early stages of this venture, but I want to see where it can go — as my brilliant hubby likes to remind me, this is the American dream: you may start small, but over time, it could be something great.

And as my uncle very wisely reminded me last week: if you don’t try, you’ve already lost. But if you give it a go, you’ve won!

And as my dad says: “Ideas don’t work unless we do!”

And as my mom says: “Yay, Nisha!” or “Fighting!” (The latter from popular Korean dramas she sometimes watches on Netflix.)

(Gotta love all the positive, pro-active, go-getters in my life!)

I’m still ironing out the details, but effective immediately, I’m accepting new clients from around the world. Please visit my “preview” website — a digital flier, if you’d like — that is a snapshot of what to expect. A more robust website is in the works, and I hope to share that with you later this month.

Wish me luck, and please spread the word!


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