A Home of One’s Own

Sunlight through the windows of our Mumbai apartment circa 2011 Photo credit: nishaksquared
Sunlight through the windows of our Mumbai apartment circa 2011
Photo credit: nishaksquared

I’m often asked what I loved about Mumbai, or what I miss most now that I’m back States-side. With each passing day during this transition period back to NYC, I most miss having our living space, a place that me and my hubby can lovingly call home.

As my hubby’s business-related globetrotting adventures continue, I’ve been staying put in NYC in my parents’ house, my childhood home. The nooks and crannies of this apartment are as familiar to me as the lines on my hands. And as lovely as its been to be surrounded by familiar artifacts, smells and sites, I can’t wait for us to settle down in our own place.

When I followed my hubby to Mumbai in 2010, he had already painstakingly selected the perfect apartment for us. I was still working in NYC while he moved ahead of me, going to countless apartment viewings, sending me photos and describing what he had seen in detail over the phone.

Our apartment was lovely — it really was. It was a roomy three-bedroom apartment with plenty of light and ventilation. At first, it felt too big, but then over time, I relished the fact that I could claim a room as my home office (even though nine times out of 10 I would end up working at our glass-topped dining table) and that we had a separate “TV room,” which I privately considered my hubby’s den.

Frankly, it wasn’t the size of the place that mattered to me. It was the fact that this was our home — our second as a married couple — and it was a blank canvas. It was fun to dress it up, to create a real sanctuary for us. It wasn’t perfect — neither of us wanted to spend too much money on the decor we really wanted because it’s a rental after all, and God only knows how many times me and my hubby played the game “If we owned this place, this is what we would change…” — but it was ours. And it made us very happy.

One thing I miss most about our Mumbai apartment is when the sunlight filtered through our curtains in the mornings. I would curl up on the couch with a cup of tea, feel the warmth through the curtains and just feel calm.

I’m looking forward to relishing moments like that wherever our next home may be.


One thought on “A Home of One’s Own

  1. The sunlight coming in through curtains is also one of my favourite images/moments (I love that picture, btw) – reminds me of long, lazy summer vacations 🙂

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