In Bloom

This past week, I could feel myself burning out. Finishing up work, hunting for a job, setting up interviews, last days of class and missing my hubby on the other side of the globe, among a million other pieces floating around my mind — it was all getting to me more than usual.

I love Mindy Kaling! She’s my Indian-American funny girl hero(ine). And she’s not afraid to wear brights — how refreshing!

The solution? Distancing myself from my desk and the daily grind and escape — even for just a little bit. For me, that means long walks in Central Park, curling up with a great read , girlfriend date night or catching up on a favorite sitcom, like The Mindy Project. Yep, that’s just what the doctor ordered.  

My morning ritual: a cup of tea and a good read
Photo credit: nishaksquared
Gorgeous cherry blossom tree near the Alice in Wonderland statue, Central Park
Photo credit: nishaksquared
Moment of repose: afternoon shadow near Bethesda Fountain, Central Park
Photo credit: nishaksquared
Planted tulips in bloom on Park Avenue
Photo credit: nishaksquared


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