Pink Shock

Whether I’m 13 or 30, my dad will always think of me as his little girl. For instance, just the other day, he announced to me and my hubby that he ordered me a pair of pink headphones. They’re perfect for me! Why, you may ask? Well, apparently, I love pink.

For the record, I like pink, but I’m no Lisa Vanderpump.

(Note: I have a feeling that my dad’s confusion comes from the fact that he has seen me wear my LOVE PINK sweatpants from Victoria’s Secret on more than one occasion.)

Now, because my dad has the same pair of headphones in white (a completely normal, dignified color), he knows that they’re fantastic when you’re working out.

My reaction: Just how pink is pink? He answered that just the earpieces are pink. The rest is probably some other neutral color, like black.

So when the little package arrived in the mail, imagine my shock — and awe — when I saw this:

Neon ear candy, courtesy of my dadPhoto credit: nishaksquared
Neon ear candy, courtesy of my dad
Photo credit: nishaksquared

I marveled at this neon mass. My mom saw them too and was similarly amazed. Then we started laughing and couldn’t stop!

Oh, dad, how I love thee!


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