Spring Cleaning & Fresh Sheets

Spring cleaning and the impatience to start something fresh has lead to big changes here…

If you are a frequent (or even less frequent) visitor to my site, right now you may be sitting back in your chair and wondering, “Huh? What happened to Eastern Standard Times?”

My answer:

Welcome to musings & moments, where I will be “scribbling” about la dolce vita and will aspire for writer James Atlas’s “…elegant tapestry of quotations, musings, aphorisms, and autobiographical reflections.”

I have been itching to change up this site, but doing so under the banner of my beloved Eastern Standard Times (or EST for my abbreviation-loving visitors) no longer makes sense. EST marked a distinct chapter for me: my life and times inspired by living and working in Mumbai, India. Now, however, I find myself back in NYC and at the beginning of a very new chapter, and I want to take a fresh, different approach to my blogging. I find myself not wanting to fit what I want to write about into my blog, but I want my blog to suit what I want to write about.

Don’t panic though: EST still exists! I just won’t be updating it anymore. You can go back and see what I’ve written about in my first blog by clicking on “EST” in the Table of Contents at the footer of this page or by bookmarking the new URL.

As I turn the page and start this fresh (blog) chapter, I hope that you will be patient (this is a work-in-progress), like what you see, update your bookmarks and visit often.

Thanks for all your support, and Happy Reading!


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